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Most infants receive milk at some point in their lives. Big Creek 2 (Upstream)

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Big Creek 4 (Downstream)

Big Creek 4 (Upstream)

Big Creek 5 (Downstream)

Big Creek 5 (Upstream)

Lake Creek 1 (Downstream)

Lake Creek 1 (Upstream)

Lake Creek 2 (Downstream)

Lake Creek 2 (Upstream)

Lake Creek 3 (Downstream)

Lake Creek 3 (Upstream)

Lake Creek 4 (Downstream)

Lake Creek 4 (Upstream)

Lake Creek 5 (Downstream)

Lake Creek 5 (Upstream)

Lake Creek 6 (Downstream)

Lake Creek 6 (Upstream)

Malheur River 1 (Downstream)

Malheur River 1 (Upstream)

McCoy Creek 1 (Downstream)

McCoy Creek 1 (Upstream)

McCoy Creek 2 (Downstream)

McCoy Creek 2 (Upstream)